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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - We pride ourselves that everything we make is fresh and made right to order. Only quality ingredients are used in our homemade meals and guaranteed that everything  we put on your plate was made with Good Karma. Come and Enjoy!


“My husband and I had spent over a year looking at possible sites for our own restaurant here in Osoyoos and we had looked at locations all across the entire South Okanagan, All of a sudden one day in April, I’m walking down Main Street  and I see the ‘For Sale’ sign. Within a few days the whole transaction was finished. We looked at the place on a Wednesday and put everything together in less than a week. I knew that was good karma and I knew that’s what I wanted to call the restaurant.” - Owner, Lee-Ann Armstrong


“The biggest thing we will offer is true home-made meals, including specials like meatloaf, chicken pot pie and Shepherd’s pie, all from scratch, We have a big breakfast menu that specializes in home-made items like crepes, French toast and pancakes as well as traditional bacon and eggs. All of the main core items like paninis, wraps, salads and sandwiches will be cooked fresh and not pre-wrapped.” - Owner, Lee-Ann Armstrong

We are here to stay!

Good Karma!

“We love this community and we love our location on Main Street, We’ve signed a five-year lease which shows our commitment to this place. We’re going to be open seven days a week and we’ll be open year-round and won’t close down once the tourists leave. The whole plan is to offer quality service and home-made food at a reasonable price."

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(250) 495-2116

8515B Main St

Osoyoos BC

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